Thrillvania Invites Daredevils to one of America’s Scariest Halloween Haunts


Thrillvania, one of the scariest haunted houses in America, will soon invite visitors to another spine chilling Halloween season. Located about thirty-three miles east of Dallas, this popular horror entertainment will open for the year on October 5, and will continue to thrill the most daring of visitors every weekend throughout the month. The house has already featured on The Travel Channel’s “Americas Scariest Haunted Attractions” and Frighthouse on the DIY Network. Numerous national publications have selected Thrillvania amongst the top haunted houses in the nation.

Thrillvania Haunted House Park is comprised of three different haunted attractions, including the notoriously infamous Verdun Manor, Cassandra's House of Clowns and Sam Hain's Trail of Torment. The centrepiece of the attraction is Verdun Manor, a dilapidated, nightmarish, ghoul-infested old gothic mansion known to be haunted by a psychopathic werewolf named Baron Michael Verdun and his vampire bride Lady Cassandra. According to legend, in this house, Verdun conducted cruel, painful experiments on captive vagrants he abducted from the city’s streets to create hideous, malformed creatures that were neither completely man nor animal.

It is said that visitors to Thrillvania can still witness Baron Verdun’s ghastly creatures, pass through Cassandra’s Labyrinth where crazy clowns still run amok, and enter the mad psychologist Sam Rain’s Trail of Torment. What makes this haunted house exceptional is the freedom to roam around at the mercy of the spirits and werewolf zombies. Unlike many other similar destinations, there is no guided tour at Thrillvania and the visitors are left to confront the various monsters and spectres on their own, in the dark of night.

The building initially started out as "Haunted Cannon Manor," and was a popular attraction at the annual State Fair of Texas. A young and impressionable teenager named Lance Pope fell in love with the house and converted it into today’s Thrillvania after years of dedication and hard work. However, only six years after its opening, Lance Pope passed away under rather abnormal circumstances in 2002.

Lance Pope's labor of love, Thrillvania is now managed by Lance's friends Jeffrey Gilbreath, Michael Malec and Todd James, and his mother Suzette Pope as a tribute to Lance. Numerous talented people wok throughout the year to bring the house to life every Halloween season with mind blowing sound effects, spectacular pyrotechnic displays, gruesome themes, and much more.

“Like every year, Thrillvania is delighted to be back for yet another Halloween season with plenty more for the visitors. Please visit our website to check the schedule and book your tickets before it’s too late,” said Todd James.

In addition to general admission tickets, Speedpass Admission is available for visitors looking to beat the queue. Thrillvania Haunted House Park also offers extraordinary deals for those who want to purchase tickets in a group of fifteen or more.


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